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My Experience

Before having my babies, I always thought parenthood was a journey taken by me, my children and my partner. After I had my babies, I realized how lonely that vision was. I am lucky to have an amazing husband and my children are wonderful, albeit, exhausting. But what does motherhood really look like? It looks like my husband, my children, and MANY OTHER PEOPLE. 


These other people fill so many different roles; they let me vent, they let me cry, they tell me I’m doing awesome, they answer my questions and give me advice, they make me a sandwich and let me take a nap, they make me feel like a whole person and not just a mom. 


I became a doula to support women going through their own journey into motherhood. I’m here to make pregnancy and labor less lonely, more empowering, and simply, more fun (I swear, it can be!!). 

My Training

Training and Certification

Doula Training International

January 2023 

Certified Full-Spectrum Doula

Doula Training International believes that families deserve compassionate, evidence-based support at all stages of life—no matter their gender, race, religion, class or sexual orientation. Together, we are cultivating culturally humble communities that reimagine the role of reproductive work.

CVD (TVL) Badge Circle.PNG


January 2023

VBAC Certified

Specifically trained to support Vaginal Births after Caesarians (VBAC).

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